Our Family's Beautiful Ladies

The farm is situated on a stretch of County Road 95A utilized daily by hundreds of bicyclists. Csarda Haz Farm is located on County Road 95A, situated 5 miles from Davis and less that 100 yards from the painted Steveson Bridge, a well-recognized Yolo County landmark. Csarda Haz Farm is located half way between Davis and Winters.
Csarda Haz Farm...Traditional Roots...

Csarda Haz Farm is a family farm with three generations of the family assisting in running the farm. Our family philosophy is one of respect for our fellow man, other creatures and the land. We believe in land stewardship, nurturing our farm animals as well as the wildlife that use our farm as their home. Work is the core of any farm and Csarda Haz Farm is no different. Anyone who comes to visit us at the farm will see us in action planting, feeding our farm animals, mowing, harvesting, repairing, and building, all the while enjoying ourselves on the farm.

Proud Grampa with his Grandson

Csarda Haz Farm is designed for agricultural production and farm activities including visits and learning traditional farming practices. Visitors experience farm animals, orchards, flower, herb, and vegetable gardens first-hand - all within a relaxed, health, organic, park-like, old-world ambiance and environment.

George and Katerina