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Mangalica Sows Thrive on Pasture

Here at Csarda Haz Farms all our Mangalica sows have access to plenty of pasture. Our sows also have a high litter size. One of our sows, Kinga, has had litters of 13, 12 and 11 piglets. Kinga may be … Continue reading

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Climate Friendly Food Production at Csarda Haz

Csarda Haz Farms food production methods are climate friendly. A unique form of ecological agroforestry is practiced at Csarda Haz Farms which facilitates this process. Our large, old growth English walnut trees remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere thus helping … Continue reading

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Weed Control By Mangalica Pigs

THREE SHORT VIDEOS SHOWING OMNIVOROUS DIET & WEED CONTROL OF MANGALICA PIGS Our Mangalitsa pigs consume a wide variety of vegetation. Pigs are amazing animals and their talents in weed control are severly under-utilized in this capcity as demostrated by … Continue reading

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Csarda Haz Farms Provides Pasture-Raised Mangalica Pork for Hungarian Dinner at Bar Tartine

On September 10, 2012, Chefs Nicolaus and Courtney of Bar Tartine hosted a fantastic dinner featuring all authentic Hungarian cuisine. Csarda Haz Farms provided the Mangalica pork which Nick and Courtney used to create a number of their delicious Hungarian … Continue reading

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