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In this first blog we introduce our Csarda Haz.  Csarda is a Hungarian word meaning ‘inn’ -specifically a country inn.   Traditional Hungarian ‘csardas’ are rustic country inns providing hearty food and restful lodging for travelers.  Historically csardas were a favorite hangout for the legedary betyars or  Robin Hood-like, Hungarian outlaws.  Translated into English ‘Csarda Haz’ means ‘House Inn’ or ‘Inn of the Houses’ – a play on words of our family name.

In addition to its traditional role as an inn, our Csarda Haz will operate as a bed & breakfast, mini-conference center, retreat/spa, and agritourism destination.  Guests of the Csarda Haz will be able to experience traditional agricultural practices and methods and eventually grow into a living museum.   Guides in traditional costume will perform and teach traditional agricultural practices – farming in the ‘old days’ and ‘old ways’.

Csarda Haz village buildings will be constructed of wood and stone in the style of a old Central European agricultural village or hamlet.  The Csarda Haz village or hamlet will be built entirely within and surrounded by 25 acres of old-growth walnuts, allowing guests and visitors to enjoy themselves in a relaxing, park-like environment.

The Csarda Haz village will have a main hall with a commercial kitchen for food preparation, cooking, baking, and brewing.  Fresh bread will be baked daily in wood-fired brick ovens.  The main Csarda Haz hall will also include a large dining and meeting area.  The main hall will be surrounded by several, separate bungalow style cabins with full bathrooms.   Within the Csarda Haz village retreat and spa facilities, including a message room, jacuzzi, and sauna will also be available.  Small conference groups of up to 24 people will be accommodated.

Csarda Haz will differentiate itself from other similar businesses in the area by virtue of its unique agricultural tourism facilities, location near Davis, offering traditional agricultural classes, and its relaxing park environment.  Guests will enjoy horse-drawn carriage rides and experience farm animals, orchards, vineyards, flower, herb, and vegetable gardens first-hand – all within a relaxed, health, organic, park-like, old-world ambiance and environment.  Experienced guides will explain the operation and function of each traditional farming method.  Csarda Haz will offer agricultural education through enrollment in revenue-generating agricultural workshops and classes taught by well-known specialists.

The Csarda Haz farm is located on County Road 95A, situated 5 miles from Davis and less that 100 yards from the painted Steveson Bridge, a well-recognized Yolo County landmark.   As Csarda Haz is situated on a stretch of County Road 95A utilized daily by hundreds of bicyclists and will be able to stop for refreshment, repair their bicycles at our facilities, take a shower and relax in shaded rest areas.  Bicyclists will also have access to the spa facilities.

Csarda Haz will also offer unique facilities for horse owners.  Csarda Haz will be able to accommodate and board a small number of horses as well as the supporting trailers, trucks and RV’s of the guests.

About Csarda Haz

Heritage agriculture and preservation of traditional methods is at the heart of Csarda Haz. Csarda Haz is a small family farm raising walnuts and Mangalica or Wooly pigs, a rare, heritage breed. Our pigs are raised using solely natural organic practices. Our Mangalica or Wooly pigs are NEVER given any antibiotics or growth hormones. The Mangalica breed stand apart fundamentally from other swine breeds due to the health benefits they can possess when raised correctly. When pastured and fed a correct amount of mono-unsaturated grain the Mangalica meat and fat has extremely high levels of bio omega 3s, as well as high levels of oleic acid.
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