Weed Control By Mangalica Pigs


Our Mangalitsa pigs consume a wide variety of vegetation. Pigs are amazing animals and their talents in weed control are severly under-utilized in this capcity as demostrated by these short videos.

Pigs possess a digestive tract similar to humans so they enjoy all kinds of foods. These three very short 30 second videos show how Mangalicas love to eat Johnson Grass and Curly Dock, two common weeds in the California Central Valley, where the Csarda Haz is located.

Mangalicas Eating Curly Dock

Mangalicas Eating Johnson Grass Part One

Mangalicas Eating Johnson Grass Part Two

About Csarda Haz

Heritage agriculture and preservation of traditional methods is at the heart of Csarda Haz. Csarda Haz is a small family farm raising walnuts and Mangalica or Wooly pigs, a rare, heritage breed. Our pigs are raised using solely natural organic practices. Our Mangalica or Wooly pigs are NEVER given any antibiotics or growth hormones. The Mangalica breed stand apart fundamentally from other swine breeds due to the health benefits they can possess when raised correctly. When pastured and fed a correct amount of mono-unsaturated grain the Mangalica meat and fat has extremely high levels of bio omega 3s, as well as high levels of oleic acid.
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