Mangalica Pigs Frolic in Cover Crop at Csarda Haz

Csarda Haz Mangalica pigs love to frolic in the cover crop of peas and vetch. The cover crop provides recreation for the pigs as well as additional minerals and nutrients to their organic diet. All Csarda Haz pigs are pasture-raised and the pigs are content and very healthy. Pasture-raising of pigs has benefits beyond its obvious humane treatment of these hardy farm animals. Pasture-raising is also very healthy for the pigs, providing clean air, exercise and an enjoyable existence.

Watch these videos and see for yourself the great life these pigs enjoy….hog heaven!

About Csarda Haz

Heritage agriculture and preservation of traditional methods is at the heart of Csarda Haz. Csarda Haz is a small family farm raising walnuts and Mangalica or Wooly pigs, a rare, heritage breed. Our pigs are raised using solely natural organic practices. Our Mangalica or Wooly pigs are NEVER given any antibiotics or growth hormones. The Mangalica breed stand apart fundamentally from other swine breeds due to the health benefits they can possess when raised correctly. When pastured and fed a correct amount of mono-unsaturated grain the Mangalica meat and fat has extremely high levels of bio omega 3s, as well as high levels of oleic acid.
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